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Grant Application Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my application online?
When you log in with your registered account, you will be able to create an application by entering required information into an online form, uploading a PDF, and clicking on “Save Changes”. The required information can be lifted from a completed Face Page document. Please put all required forms (e.g. Face Page, Table of Contents, Detailed Budget, etc.) into one PDF (5 MB size limit) to be uploaded as part of your application.
Can I make changes to my application once I have submitted it?
You may make changes to the application up until the deadline by logging into your registered account. You may also delete and upload a new PDF up until the deadline.
My institution is not on the drop down list. What should I do?
Please contact [AT] swedish [DOT] org in order to add your institution to the list.
What is the difference between “Institution” and “Applicant Organization” on the online application form?
Your institution is where the proposed research will take place. The applicant organization is the entity that receives funds for the research and should match field #9 on the Face Page. For example, your work may take place at the University of Middleton. However, the University of Middleton Foundation or the Regents of the University of Middleton is the entity that receives the awarded funds. In many instances the institution and the application organization are the same entity.
I am not a United States citizen. Am I eligible to apply for a Rivkin Center grant?
Yes, Rivkin Center grants may go to any investigator, regardless of nationality.
I am conducting research at an institution outside of the United States. Am I eligible to apply for a Rivkin Center grant?
Yes, investigators at institutions outside of the United States are eligible for Rivkin Center grants as long as their institution is able to accept funds in U.S. dollars and abide by the terms of award outlined in the grant guideline document.
Do I need to submit both the electronic and hard copies by the deadline?
Starting in 2015, only electronic copies are required. Hard copies are no longer accepted. The submission process is online and requires applicants to be registered in our system at least 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.
I applied last year for a grant from the Rivkin Center, but was not funded. Can I resubmit my application for this year’s competition?
If there have been no substantial changes to the proposed research plan since last year, you may submit the application again to the Rivkin Center only once.
I do not have IRB or IACUC approval yet for my proposed study. What kind of documentation can I provide for my application if I can’t produce an approval letter?
Please submit a letter from your IRB or IACUC committee stating that they will review your proposed research plan prior to any research beginning, if the Rivkin Center should confer an award to you.
Can I submit more than one Pilot Study application in the same competition?
No, each applicant may submit only one application to the Pilot Study program in a given competition.
Can we designate co-Principal Investigators for our application?
The Rivkin Center would prefer that one Principal Investigator and one receiving institution be identified for accountability, especially if multiple institutions are involved. Other co-investigators may be listed as key personnel, and biosketches and grant support documents may be submitted for co-investigators as part of the application.
The eligibility requirements for the Scientific Scholar Award say that eligible candidates should be no more than 3-4 years in any position. I was a post-doc for 3 years, and now I have been an assistant professor for 2 years. Am I eligible to apply for the Scientific Scholar Award?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for the Scientific Scholar Award because you have not been in your current position for more than 3–4 years.
I am putting together the budget for my Scientific Scholar Award. It says no more than 50% of the award may be used for salary support. Does that include fringe benefits?
In the Scientific Scholar Award budget, applicants are allowed to designate up to 50% of the award for salary, including fringe benefits. That is, salary and fringe benefits added together should not exceed 50% of the total budget.
How many applications are received each year? How many grants are given out each year?
For Pilot Study Awards, the Rivkin Center typically receives 60–95 applications in each grant cycle. For Scientific Scholar Awards, we typically receive 17–21 applications in each grant cycle. Information about grants that have been conferred can be found on our Rivkin Center Grants page.

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