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Key researchers in the ovarian cancer field

Researchers in the field

Those Making an Impact

Each year we highlight individual scientists who have made a lasting impact in the field of ovarian cancer research through funding from the Rivkin Center. Their hard work and dedication to understanding and overcoming ovarian cancer serves as an inspiration in the research community.

Ingegerd Hellstrom

Dr. Ingegerd Hellstrom, MD, PhD

  • University of Washington

There is a great need to develop specific and sensitive tools for early detection of ovarian cancer because survival rates for patients are highest when tumors are detected at an early stage (I/II) as compared to low survival rates for patients with advanced stage tumors. In addition, similar tools would be useful for monitoring patients undergoing ovarian cancer treatment in order to detect and treat relapses sooner.

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Patricia Kruk

Dr. Patricia Kruk, PhD

  • University of South Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center

Most cells in our body go through a natural cycle of growth, division, maintenance and programmed cell death, also called apoptosis. While this ongoing cycle helps to maintain a balance of healthy cells in our bodies, alterations that result in uncontrolled cell growth are associated with the development of many diseases including cancer.

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