Announcing the 2018 Rivkin Center Research Grant Awardees


As one of the largest private funders of ovarian cancer research, we’re excited to announce the awardees of this year’s pilot and scholar research grants. Over 170 applications poured in from around the world. Fourteen were chosen.

Why is funding scientific research important?

Ovarian cancer kills more than 22,000 women every year in the United States. Yet despite being the most deadly gynecological cancer, ovarian cancer continues to be underfunded by federal funding agencies when compared to other cancers. The only solution to reduce suffering from this devastating disease is to support research to improve early detection and discover new life-saving treatments. The Rivkin Center plays a pivotal role in helping the forward progress of ovarian cancer research, especially in light of declining federal research funding. With our continued support of ovarian cancer research, we ensure that important questions in ovarian cancer are answered and that we attract the most talented scientists to work on these difficult questions.


How much money was awarded?

The Rivkin Center awarded a total of $1.185 million across 14 research projects. $825,000 went to Pilot Study Awards and $360,000 went to Scientific Scholar Awards.

Where is the money going?

With 11 projects based in the United States and 3 based internationally, the Rivkin Center funds a broad range of scientific research related to ovarian cancer. This year’s projects are focused on:

  • Prevention and Early Detection
  • Cell Biology, DNA Repair, and Animal Models
  • Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics
  • Tumor Microenvironment and Immunotherapy
  • Chemotherapy Resistance and Novel Therapies

What successes in ovarian cancer research has the Rivkin Center funded?

Check out the highlights of the work carried out by our past awardees to advance the understanding of ovarian cancer and provide the best tools to prevent, detect, and treat ovarian cancer.



Learn more about this year’s awardees

Summaries of this year’s projects for the Pilot Study Awards and Scientific Scholar Awards are available, or download the infographic for an overview of this year’s applicants and awardees:


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