3 Ways to Help End Ovarian and Breast Cancer (hint: get your sweat on)


You don’t have to be a scientist or doctor to help end breast and ovarian cancer. Every contribution counts — no matter how big or small.

Here are three ways you can make a positive impact on the advancement of scientific research for ovarian and breast cancer, and help educate more women to be fearless self-advocates.

1. Run a 5K

Not only is exercise one of the best ways to lower your risk of cancer, but participating in a 5K that supports breast and/or ovarian cancer research is a win-win. You get the health benefits of training for and running the race AND your race fees support critical cancer research.

» Let’s go: Register for the SummeRun and Walk for Ovarian Cancer

2. Host a Fundraiser

Running not your thing? Host a donation-based spin, yoga or dance class to get your sweat on and help raise money for a charitable cause. Or steal one of these other fundraising event ideas to do something you love while supporting a cause you’re passionate about (we’re fans of pie parties and bake sales, especially if we get to be taste-testers).

» Let’s do it: Host your own cancer-fighting fundraiser

3. Throw a CanCan Party

Throwing a CanCan party is an easy way to make sure your best girlfriends, family members, and the women in your community are educated about their bodies and are fearless self-advocates for their health. Through our fun, frank parties, you’ll have the tools for early detection, prevention, and self-advocacy. Gather a group of ladies over mimosas, taco night, or desserts for some boob (and ovary) talk.

» Let’s party: Host a CanCan Party

Have another idea on how to help get the word out about breast and ovarian cancer awareness? Comment below or email us at info@rivkin.org.

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