Women’s lives are
our passion

Since our inception in 1996, the Rivkin Center has been a principle catalyst for national and international research efforts aimed at finding solutions to ovarian cancer. As an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we look beyond institutional boundaries and work collaboratively with scientists and physicians worldwide at the forefront of ovarian cancer research.

The Rivkin Center was founded by renowned Swedish Cancer Institute medical oncologist Saul E. Rivkin, MD, in memory of his wife, Marsha, who lost her life to ovarian cancer. Our organization is a joint partnership with Swedish Medical Center and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of Seattle, Washington.

We provide seed capital for cancer research

One of our primary roles is that of a kind of seed capital fund for researchers who are exploring promising new areas of research into ovarian cancer. As such, we provide funding for multiple efforts, including:

See how the investments of our donors have paid off in millions of dollars worth of additional research.