The mission of the
Rivkin Center

As a global leader in research, we continuously invest in hope. We believe we can build healthier, cancer free futures through early detection and improved treatments.


In our devotion and dedication to our mission, we work diligently to:

      • Positively affect the lives of women with ovarian cancer, now and in the near future
      • Advance research relative to improving outcomes in ovarian cancer
      • Influence the direction taken in national research for ovarian cancer
      • Develop collaborative networks and foster a scientific community of leaders in ovarian cancer research
      • Partner with the community and encourage contribution to the task of working toward the cure for ovarian cancer
      • Disseminate findings nationally to increase the number of investigators interested in ovarian cancer research and to create dynamic research connections

Help us achieve these goals

You can help with this important work and have a lasting, positive effect on the lives of women everywhere. Your help is vital to our mission.

“Chemo wasn’t exactly fun, but it wasn’t what I feared. You adapt and develop a routine. In fact, I found many unexpected upsides to how life narrows and slows down during treatment.”

Marcelle O’Connell, Survivor