Honor her fight


Medical breakthroughs through research offer the greatest opportunity to advance the knowledge of prevention, early detection, and improved treatment of ovarian cancer. The Rivkin Center model-investing in innovative ideas, attracting the most ingenious research minds, and leveraging funding to help researchers secure larger grants-has effectively advanced prevention, early detection, and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Sponsoring this work in the name of someone you love is not only a vivid tribute; it’s also an enormous gesture of hope for the future. We invite donors to review a list of scientists who’ve been selected to receive Rivkin Center funding through our formal grant-making process, choose someone to sponsor for the term of the grant award, and name the award in honor or memory of a loved one.

Grant sponsors receive copies and lay summaries of their grantee’s final report and recent publications relevant to this research.

Grant award sponsorship opportunities

We award several different kinds of research grants.


Award names stay with the investigators throughout their careers, serving as a constant reminder of the power of philanthropy in funding new ideas that may otherwise not progress. Awards named for patients provide a particularly poignant reminder to researchers of the importance of their work, bringing home the vital importance of their efforts to further ovarian cancer research.

For awards named in honor or memory of a loved one, we ask that donors share a photo and brief biography of that person to be shared with the investigator who receives the named award.

To learn more about sponsoring a Rivkin Center research grant, please contact Rivkin Center Director of Development Jaclynn Rodriguez 206.215.2204.

“I promised my mom that none of her girls would ever have to go through what she did. While we hated the ovarian cancer diagnosis, mom viewed it as a gift to me and her granddaughters.”

Katerie Schei, Family Member & Donor