Host a CanCan Workshop

Fun, frank parties, so you can be fearless about your health.

What is a CanCan workshop?

A CanCan workshop is a breast and ovarian health education workshop that empowers women to take action about their health. Through our fun and frank CanCan workshops, we provide the tools for early detection, prevention, and self-advocacy.

A workshop includes:

  • A one hour workshop at no cost to you or your organization
  • A health instructor to discuss early detection, prevention, family history, signs and symptoms, cancer myths, and more
  • An ovarian or breast cancer survivor to share their story
  • A comfortable setting where all questions are welcome

Where do CanCan workshops happen?


In the Workplace

Add a quarterly or annual CanCan workshop to your wellness program at work to ensure your colleagues are taking action on their health.


In a Fitness Class

From yoga classes to kickboxing, our instructors can tailor a workshop to fit your needs — like a 15-minute health education talk before class.


In the Community

Host a workshop at your monthly book club, religious group, or other regular meet-up.


On Campus

Through our Campus Ambassador program, we host workshops for sororities, student organizations, sports teams, and more — anywhere that people meet regularly.

Become a Campus Ambassador

Are you a college student passionate about women’s health? Gain valuable work experience as a CanCan Campus Ambassador.

Ready to host your own workshop?

Want to get more involved? Share your story.

Are you interested in spreading the word about early detection and prevention of ovarian or breast cancer? If you’re a survivor or carry the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene, we’d love for you to share your story to help other women better understand the disease. Contact Kayla Driscoll to learn more.