Facing your ovarian cancer

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be confusing, frightening, and saddening. Women and families who are facing this life-changing event: we understand what you’re going through.

At the Rivkin Center, we’ve been personally dealing with — and fighting – ovarian cancer for several decades. Throughout this time, as we’ve been working toward a cure, we’ve seen the strength and determination of many women shine through in their fight against cancer.

Information is one of the keys to this strength. You will probably want to learn all you can about the disease, your specific diagnosis, and treatment options. We’ve assembled some resources to help you get started, and every day we’re working hard to lessen the suffering and save the lives of women like you.


If you don’t already have a gynecologic oncologist, you’ll need to choose one right away. This doctor will work closely with you throughout the process-possibly for years-advocating for you and advising you as best she or he can. Find a physician who puts you at ease: someone with whom you’ll feel comfortable asking all your questions and raising all your concerns, and with whom your family will be able to closely communicate.

The American Cancer Society has some good general tips on finding the right oncologist and hospital, and you can search the database of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology to find doctors in your area.


Find more information, and draw on the strength and support of the community, by getting in touch with local and national cancer groups.

My family was my biggest motivator. They were with me every step of the way providing love, support, and encouragement when I was struggling

Shelby Conklin, Survivor