Meet a CanCan Ambassador: Elena Santana

elena-santanaThe Rivkin Center’s CanCan program provides free health education workshops. CanCan campus ambassadors are the feet-on-the-ground Rivkin Center representatives at universities across the west coast, helping set up workshops, identify opportunities to reach more students, and so much more.

Say hello to Elena Santana, a CanCan campus ambassador at the University of Arizona.

About Elena

Where are you from? Pasadena, CA

Where do you live now? Tucson, AZ

What do you do for fun? Hike and Volunteer around town

What is your favorite mantra? “Even a trainwreck keeps moving”

What is your favorite drink? Prickly Pear Tea

What advice would you give your younger self? You are your own best advocate

What are you most proud of? Last year, I completed over 80 hours of community service and I loved every moment that I spent helping others.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Santa Cruz Island

Who is your role model/mentor? My mom, she’s such a hard worker and kind person. I work hard every day to make her proud and pass on her kindness.


How Elena got involved

What inspired you to get involved with CanCan? Two of my aunts have had breast cancer on both sides of my family. My Auntie Cindy is now nine years cancer free. She runs races and is one of the healthiest people I know. I look up to her and I am so proud of everything she has overcome.

My Aunt Laurie passed away this August from breast cancer. Her loss was hard on my family and me. I found out that I was an ambassador about a week after she was diagnosed and she passed away my first week of the semester.

I am dedicating my work this year with CanCan to both of them and I want to help educate anyone I can to make sure that people know that they do not have to be scared or feel alone.

How can people help support someone going through cancer? Being there is the best thing you can do. Everyone needs a support system, and people going through this rough time in their life need it the most.

What is the most important thing you want attendees to learn at a CanCan party? I want attendees to know that their health is important.  Of course, we always want to help others and push our own problems aside, but I feel like we need to remember that we need to help ourselves now so we can be superwoman tomorrow.

How many CanCan parties have you hosted/attended? I have attended 1 party and I have hosted 6 parties.

How many total attendees have you hosted? 161

Do you have any events coming up? None yet, but expect a lot from me next semester!


Learn more about the CanCan program

Want to learn more about becoming a campus ambassador? Apply here.

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