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2017 Spring Bridge Funding Award Announced

Press Release · May 23, 2017

SEATTLE – May 23, 2017 – The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer announces the recipient of the 2017 Spring Bridge Funding Award is Dr. Srinivas Sridhar, PhD, of Northeastern University. This 6-month, $30,000 award will help Dr. Sridhar produce data needed to substantiate his proposal resubmission to federal funding agencies for his promising research project, Targeting PARP Inhibitor Nanotherapy for Ovarian Cancer. He will engineer a targeted nanoformulation of Olaparib and Talazoparib, meaning the molecules will specifically target the tumor and bypass other organs. He predicts these targeted drugs will be 100X more effective than the oral version of the drug with greatly reduced toxicity.

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25% of 2017 Grant Funds Awarded to Fred Hutch and UW Researchers

Press Release · April 27, 2017

SEATTLE – April 27, 2017 – The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer announced over $1 million in ovarian cancer research funding at their 2017 Grant Announcement Event held at the Rainier Club on April 26th. The Rivkin Center awarded $300,000 to Seattle-area scientists for the 2017-18 grant period, representing almost 25% of total funding for this period. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington are the top funded institutions in the history of the Rivkin Center, with more than $1.6 million awarded. Each institution has been awarded 11 awards to date.

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New Genetic Variants Identified in Ovarian Cancer

OncLive · March 30, 2017

According to results from a large genetic search through the DNA of almost 100,000 patients with ovarian cancer, 12 new genetic variants were found that increase the risk of developing the disease and confirmed the association of 18 previously discovered variants.

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FDA Approves Niraparib for Ovarian Cancer

OncLive · March 28, 2017

On Tuesday March 28th, the FDA approved the PARP inhibitor niraparib for the treatment of recurrent ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer in women who are still either partially or completely responsive to platinum therapies.

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Dr. Michael J. Birrer Explores Molecular, Genetic, and Quality-of-Life Markers Among Long-Term Survivors of Ovarian Cancer

ASCO Connection · September 21, 2016

Each year, 23,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and although the cancer responds to chemotherapy, most patients experience relapse and die from the disease. However, 15% of patients with stage III disease and 5% to 7% of patients with stage IV disease live 8 years or longer. Are there biologic or quality-of-life (QOL) markers that differentiate these patients who survive long term from those who do not?

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The Rivkin Center has awarded over $1 million in merit-based research awards in the Pilot Study and Scientific Scholar categories.

Andre Lieber, MD, PhD named 2016-2018 Lester and Bernice Smith Fellow

Press Release · August 1, 2016

Andre Lieber, MD, PhD has been named the 2016-2018 Lester and Bernice Smith Fellow. Dr. Lieber will receive $150,000 in funding over two years to advance his research that may lead to a new prophylactic option for women at high risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer.

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Underwriting Gift from Local Philanthropist Funds Sixth Bridge Funding Award

Press Release · May 31, 2016

The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer today announced the ovarian cancer researcher who will receive crucial interim support from the Rivkin Center for his unfunded ovarian cancer research proposal that earned outstanding scores from federal funding agencies.

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Rivkin Center and Women’s Cancer Advocacy Group CanCan Join Forces

Press Release · March 7, 2016

The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer has merged with CanCan to add ovarian and breast cancer education and awareness as the third component of its programming, which to date has focused exclusively on ovarian cancer research and early detection screening.

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BRCA Testing Increasing Among Young Breast Cancer Patients

Cancer Network · February 11, 2016

Young women with breast cancer increasingly undergo genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, according to a new study.

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The Lester and Bernice Smith Foundation Gift Helps The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Launch New Challenge Grant

Press Release · February 5, 2016

The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer announced today that it will award a new $150,000 Challenge Grant in 2016. This two-year grant is focused on producing a new finding that could significantly improve our understanding of ovarian cancer. This will be the largest award currently offered by the Rivkin Center.

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Rivkin Center Celebrating 20th Anniversary

Press Release · February 2, 2016

The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2016. To celebrate this milestone, the organization is changing its name to the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer.

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UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening Study Results Published

Press Release · December 17, 2015

Today the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) reported results of its 14 year-long study, which showed that ovarian cancer screening may reduce ovarian cancer mortality by up to 20%.

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Older Women Received Less Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Cancer Network · December 2, 2015

A French study showed women over 70 received less treatment for ovarian cancer than their younger counterparts, regardless of stage or grade of their disease.

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Nintedanib Delays Progression of Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Cancer Network · November 26, 2015

Women with chemotherapy-naïve advanced ovarian cancer gained significant delays in the progression of their disease when they were treated with nintedanib plus carboplatin/paclitaxel.

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Research Explains Limits of Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs

University of Michigan Health System · October 26, 2015

Research from Rivkin Center Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Weiping Zou MD, PhD published in the journal Nature reveals molecular changes within the tumor that are preventing immunotherapy drugs from killing off cancer.

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Why Groundbreaking New Cancer Drugs Still Don’t Work for Most Patients

The Washington Post · October 26, 2015

Tumors with a high concentration of “T cells,” a type of white blood cell, were more responsive to treatment, whereas tumors with a low number of T cells were far less responsive. The Rivkin Center funded scientist Ilona Kryczek, PhD to work on the mouse models of ovarian cancer cells used in this study

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Hormone Therapy May Improve Ovarian Cancer Survival

Cancer Network · September 29, 2015

According to results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, hormone therapy was safely administered in women with severe menopausal symptoms and may have a beneficial effect on survival.

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