Top 7 Myths About Ovarian and Breast Cancer


Our CanCan parties are a fun, frank way to educate women on ovarian and breast cancer risks and symptoms. They also serve as an opportunity to bust those pesky cancer myths that continue to circulate (but have little or no scientific backing).

Curious what questions we get asked the most at CanCan parties?

Top Seven Ovarian and Breast Cancer Myths

  1. Does deodorant cause breast cancer? Nope.
  2. Do small chested women have a lower risk of breast cancer? No, breast size does not increase/decrease your breast cancer risk. However, women with denser breasts may be at higher risk.
  3. Do pap smears screen for ovarian cancer? False. Pap smears do not screen for ovarian cancer and there is currently no early detection screening for average risk women.
  4. Does soy cause breast cancer? No, there is not significant scientific evidence that supports this claim.
  5. Does drinking from plastic give you breast cancer? False. Drinking from a plastic bottle will not give you breast cancer.
  6. I got the HPV vaccine. Am I protected from ovarian cancer? The HPV vaccine can prevent mouth, throat, and cervical cancer, but it does not protect against ovarian cancer. There is currently no vaccine for ovarian cancer.
  7. Do underwire bras cause breast cancer? Nope! Underwire bras do not cause breast cancer.

Ask Your Question

Have you heard any myths about what causes ovarian and breast cancer? Are there any cancer myths you’d like clarity on? Ask in the comments below and one of our ovarian and breast health instructors will answer.

Or host a CanCan party with your friends/coworkers/running group (for free!) to have an instructor educate your group on ovarian and breast health and answer any questions you may have.

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